Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vegan Made From Scratch

If you have decided that the vegan diet is the right one for you, or if your a life-long vegan, you will inevitably have to do a little cooking for yourself. Unless, of course, you have your own personal chef to do this for you! Preparing your meals from scratch can be fun though. It is very rewarding to know that you can prepare your own vegan meals that fulfill your own dietary guidelines. Cooking your own food ensures that you will get all the nutrients your body needs to live and thrive. Some very popular staples in the vegan kitchen are: rice, avocados, kale greens, bananas, potatoes, soy milk, black beans, almonds, broccoli, corn tortillas, and peanut butter. Not only are those items vegan and good for you, they're also gluten free! You can actually come up with a number of vegan made from scratch recipes just off those simple cheap ingredients. Here's an idea: grab some of those kale greens ($1.49 a bundle), an avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, and black beans. Make some guacamole and prepare the black beans on a stove-top. Take a rinsed-off kale leaf in the palm of your hand and scoop the beans and guac in the leaf. Voila! There you have it; southwest vegan kale wraps. Mexican cuisine, minus the sick animals. I wonder if Taco Bell will carry that on their menu any time soon.

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