Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vegan Meals on the Go

Many of us are too busy to consistently cook for ourselves, so at times we must resort to fast, convenience, and take out foods. It would be ideal if we could just pick all our food up fresh from the market everyday, but that is just not reality. If you are a busy person, hopefully you live in an area with a lot of great vegan friendly restaurants and grocers, because this will make a big difference when you are eating on the go. Lets say that you're a busy young single person in an average American suburb or small town. What kinds of fast food options do you have then? The standard fare: McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, and many other places that specialize in greasy food full of sick animal by-products. Even if these places are your only choices, you can still find vegan-friendly options on the menus. Taco Bell, for instance, has many vegan choices (bean tacos, rice, potatoes, bean burritos, tostadas, etc...) and they are cheap too! Subway offers veggie sandwiches and they now have avocado/guacamole on the menu, although its not fresh, so its probably not the best. Another good thing about Subway is that they offer foods that aren't deep fried, so you don't have to resort to french fries (or be tempted by them). Burger King offers a veggie burger combo on their menu. The sides at Burger King though are pretty much limited to french fries and mediocre salads, so for many, this would be a last resort. Unfortunately, McDonalds does not offer too many vegan foods other than fries and salads. The salads at McDonalds almost always come with chicken or some other meat on them, so you will end up over paying for a below average salad. Yes, McDonalds offers apples, but you can walk in a store anywhere and buy an apple for cheaper, and if you can't, well then you've probably got bigger problems than not having enough vegan choices in your community.

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